Fr. Online games (from the age of 4)

18 Oct
  • Jeux Lulu Rimes – Pour qui…? Le jeu des rimes. Pour qui le pyjama ? Le chat ! Match the object and the animal. How ? They have to rhyme (have the same ending sound). Click the four animals to hear their names. Click “Pour qui” (for whom?). Click the question mark. An object appears and you hear its name at the same time. Find the matching animal. If it’s not the right animal, it disappears and a little red face appears below. Try again! If it’s right, you will hear the name of the animal and the others will disappear. Click on Rejouer to play again. Good luck!
  • Jeux Lulu Mots Sons – Quelques mots…Découvrir 1. You can see pictures representing an action on your right. Click the loudspeaker and listen to the sentence. Click the matching picture. If it’s not right, the picture disappears. Try again! You can click the loudspeaker again if you like. If it’s right, the sentence will appear below the picture. Click the loudspeaker again. You can increase or decrease the number of pictures (between 3 and 9) using + and -. Only Découvrir 1 is audio.
  • Jeux Lulu Calendrier – 1. Les jours de la semaine. 2. Les mois de l’année. Order the days of the week or the months of the year. Click a word (you hear it at the same time), and drag it to the place where you think it should go. You hear the word (day or month) and you need to drag it into the right place. Start with Monday (lundi) all the way down to Friday (vendredi). Same for January (janvier) all the way down to December (décembre). Good luck!
  • Maxetom: To help learn how to read. Easy & fun to use with easy steps and encouraging comments. Parents do not need to read the instructions. A basic understanding of the language is a plus as the website is in French (from the age of 4 to end of primary)
  • Memory games in which sounds and pictures have to be matched up. AnimalsFruitSchool itemsFarm animals.

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